Moz2 pictureSebastião Inacio Famba, Mozambican,  got his PhD degree in Agriculture Water Management (BOKU, Vienna-Austria, year 2011), MSc degree in Soil and Water (Wageningen Agriculture University, the Netherlands, year 1994), BSc degree in Agronomy - Rural Engineering (University Eduardo Mondlane, UEM, Maputo, year 1991). He is a Senior lecturer at the University Eduardo Mondlane teaching the subjects of Hydrology, Water Management in Agriculture and Irrigation & Drainage since 1992. He coordinates a number of research and training projects at UEM such as the Swedish ASDI funded LASD-MOZ, Land Management Program (2011-2015); EAU4Food, EU funded water for food Program (2011-2015); AgMIP Project, Crop Model intercomparison (2012-2014); Regional Program for Agricultural Productivity in Southern Africa (APPSA) funded Project “Improving water use efficiency in  maize production” in Mozambique (2014-2016) and the local Coordinator of AFHRINET Rain Water Harvesting and Irrigation Technologies. He got as well a management experience at University Eduardo Mondlane at various levels (Head of Academic Section, Course Director, Head of Department and currently is the Deputy-Dean for research and extension at the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering); he worked as a programme coordinator (2001-2003) for the Cahora-Bassa Reservoir Management Unity under the Zambezi Valley Development Authority (GPZ) based in Tete Province Mozambique.